Yes! Energy Live with Loral Langemeier

YES! Energy Radio Show
Saying yes and figuring things out!
Topic: Where have you said no? You’ve said YES before.

YES! Energy Radio Show
Coaching, Mentoring and get some help!
Topic: Marketing and YES! Energy! How to stand and deliver.

YES! Energy Radio Show
Support in any way that is possible!
Topic: What is the Right Pricing for your Product/Services?

“Ever notice that there are some people who just have that thing? My old best friend, Diane, and I used to call it the gift. “He’s got the gift,” she’d observe. These people are certain; they are sure; and they move forward with an easy, graceful energy and optimism. It’s empowering, timeless, and endless . . . and if you’re fortunate enough to catch it, it’s contagious.

Well, you too can be one of those people. You can capture that thing—because you already have it. It’s within you. It’s just a little atrophied muscle that needs to be rebuilt. Once you rediscover it, you can live an unlimited life of abundance, extreme optimism, and energy.

But what exactly is it?

This gift, that thing, is Yes! Energy. I’ve discovered a formula, a nonmathematical equation that will help you make Yes! Energy a big part of your life.”

- Loral Langemeier on Yes! Energy

Loral Langemeier captivated audiences on her Yes! Energy Radio show, as each week she provided listeners with the tools they needed to “do less and make more.” Her proven, comprehensive model for creating businesses put listeners on the fast track to personal and financial success. Loral began a new conversation, one born out of extreme optimism and energy, designed to take listeners to the next level.

You are now invited to continue the conversation and keep sharing the Yes! Energy with Loral in this interactive listener forum.

We welcome you to make your comments and submit your questions.

Loral will answer your questions LIVE on the upcoming Ask Loral events (registration information will be updated prior to the events):

Ask Loral Upcoming Schedule:

  • November 26, 2012 4:00pm (Pacific Time)
  • December 17, 2012 at 4:00pm (Pacific Time)

And to help you begin to implement the power Yes! Energy in your daily life Loral has offered you this exclusive, complimentary program.

It’s called the 5 Days to Yes! Energy!!

For five days straight, you’ll receive motivation and strategy directly from Loral to demonstrate the power of the energy equation on a daily basis.

Get the YES! Energy Bootcamp now FREE!



  1. Edie says:

    Loral, Thank you so much for your inspiring show and book… My question is …. my mindset is YES geared and I have the ability to keep myself in the YES Energy, how do i get my husband in my same energy circle. he is supportive but doesn’t have the same excitement I have, although i don’t expect it, it would be much more fun to have him on board with the money I am “gearing up” to make….. Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much!

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